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The College Kids Tailgate

The College Kids Tailgate is a student-run ministry that has taken place at Auburn University each fall since 2007. The purpose of this tailgate is “To serve Auburn students and the community by hosting a welcoming tailgate focused on building relationships and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.” It is our goal that through providing burgers and hotdogs to those on campus during game day, we can show them the love of Christ and share the good news of the gospel. We have found that this is an opportunity to really reach the Auburn campus with the gospel.

Many students do not have anywhere to tailgate on game day, and that is where The College Kids Tailgate comes in to play. We provide the food, and through eating a meal together we develop relationships with those who come tailgate with us. We not only want to provide a tailgate for those who need to hear the gospel, but we also want to provide a non-threating, alcohol-free tailgate for those who already know the Lord. It is our desire to show that you can still have fun and have a good time while being a Christian. Over the last several years, the Lord has blessed the tailgate and tremendous growth has taken place. Last season alone, over 750 students attended each tailgate up from 350 the year before.

While this number is great, we know that there are thousands more on Auburn’s campus who have yet to be reached, therefore we have made it a goal to continue that growth and see 1,000 people attend a single tailgate this season. We have already taken on new initiatives to attain this goal, and are excited about the opportunities we will have this upcoming year. With God’s blessing, many more students will hear the gospel while developing relationships over a burger and soda.


If you feel led to help our cause, please visit our Get Involved or Donate pages.