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About OJG, Inc

OJG, Inc

The Orange Jumpsuit Guys, Inc.,

incorporated in the state of Alabama and 501(c )(3) non-profit applied for, aims to serve and support grass-roots ministries by college kids and for college kids.  The Orange Jumpsuit Guys, Inc., founded in the summer of 2012, sprang from The College Kids Tailgate.  Started in 2007, the tailgate was a means for us, a group of young men of several church backgrounds, to serve Auburn’s students and build relationships with the intention of sharing Christ with new friends.  It was a niche need that we strove to fill.  The tailgate was sponsored for five years by a charitable organization that wanted to enable us to continue to serve, but in 2011, we started the process of supporting ourselves.  With as many as thirty young men serving each year and several graduating and entering the workforce, we felt that we would be able not only to support The College Kids Tailgate, but potentially other ministries as well.  This saw the formation of the Orange Jumpsuit Guys, Inc., named for our favorite game day getup.


This is where we find ourselves today.  Through the grace of God, the Orange Jumpsuit Guys, Inc. was able to raise enough financial support to pay for the entire 2012, 2013 and 2014 tailgate seasons as well as other necessities for operation.  We have truly been blessed to be able to support The College Kids Tailgate, now in its fifth generation of leadership and seventh year of existence.  

However, our vision does not end with the tailgate.  Eventually, we want to partner with other groups of college kids who have seen a ministry need and just started serving.  Our particular focus is on people who are operating on their own to serve others without a financial structure to support them.

If you are interested in becoming an Orange Jumpsuit Guy, feel free to visit the Get Involved page to let us know! We’re always looking for strong recruits to help serve our local community.  If you feel led to help our cause, please consider a tax-deductible monetary donation. All financial contributions can be made by visiting our Donate page.

Thank you, God bless, and War Eagle!